Monday, August 31, 2009

Melissa's Lucky Winner is..............

........................................Kaytee said...
Wow! Melissa, you do beautiful work!! I am off to check out your blog right now!
28 August, 2009 13:12

Congrats Kaytee get your address to me ASAP and I will get it to Melissa so she can get the awesome CTMH card kit out to you!

Thank you so much Melissa for inspiring us all and for giving us a look into how you live your Paperlife!

Now I have a big, no make that HUGE surprise for all of you on Tuesday. This weeks Paperlife Spotlight has a big secret she is revealing that day and you are not going to want to miss meeting her and getting in on her UNBELIEVABLE giveaway! I can hardly wait to introduce her to you and announce her big secret she has been keeping for quite some time! I promise you this, you are going to love her, be inspired by her, and your heart will skip a beat when you hear her secret and her giveaway! (and because of her big secret you will only be getting a sneek peek at it............ and thats all I'm saying)

So, until Tuesday, go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife!


PS guesses on who's the Paperlife spotlight for the week comments are always welcome and fun! Do you think you know who she is???????

Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend inspiration from Melissa Laverty

Hi everybody this is Amy!
I have saved back some of Melissa's work for her to share with you and inspire you over the weekend! I just love how she is not only a page scrapper, in regards to her paperlife, but she also does fabulous paper project work! If you haven't tried something in your paperlife that isn't a page in an album go try it. Its a great way to get lost in, and to celebrate your art, that leaves lasting heirlooms for your loved ones! I am following my own advice this weekend and spending my "artsy" paperlife on a halloween banner! Love starting something with odds and ends collected from all over my studio and then having a piece of me in art in the end to share with others. OK so remember, same drill, get inspired by more of Melissa's Paperlife today, leave a comment here or on her blog (tons of inspiration there too) or both and get in twice for her fabulous giveaway shown at the bottom of this post! And if you missed Melissa's full spotlight on her paperlife go down a post and read all about this talented lady! The drawing will happen Sunday night at midnight cst. So until then, my paperlife friends, go this weekend and make a beautiful mess of your own Paperlife!
An interview with Melissa on her paperlife:
If you could only have 5 products besides your cardstock and adhesive what would they be?
Close to My Heart How-to Book to help me come up with fabulous layouts everytime!
Sand Paper
Desert Sand, Close to My Heart Exclusive Ink perfect for distressing
Comments, Close to My Heart MyAcrylix stamp set, so great for journaling lines
MY LEGACY WRITERS® BLACK PEN SET, love to write my own journaling and these pens are like butter
What would your dream scrap space look like?

tons of light, tall worktable, tons of those cute Ikea bookshelves to store all my stuff, and lots of shabby chic antique-y baskets and hangers and whatnot to put all my doo-dads in. Oh, and someone who cleans up after I'm done creating and puts everything back where it belongs cause I'm really bad about that!

Who or what do you scrapbook most?

My kids, Lawson (7) & Cate (4). In fact, I photograph them so much that the other day, my son bribed me. He was in no mood to have his picture taken. And I had found this perfect field of yellow flowers which would have made the best background to use with my new CTMH Grace paper. So he said, Mom, you can take 5 more shots if you let me have a popsickle when we get home! He's got my number!

Why do you scrapbook?

So many different reasons...I started out doing it because I needed to preserve my memories. I have the worst memory for the little stories that happen everyday. I also wanted to have something to do with my pictures. I LOVE photography. In fact, my hope is that once both of the kids are in school full-time, I can spend a little more time on my photography skills. But really, it's the creative outlet. It's so satisfying and stress-relieving for me. I love playing with the paper and stamps and doo-dads and seeing how you can really make photos come to life and tell a story when on the right layout.
How would you describe your scrapping style?

I would say, I'm a event driven scrapbooker. Sometimes I create a layout that is more about the "art" than it is about the event, but it's rare. I mostly do two page layouts. And I would say that they are typically pretty linear and classic. But I also like to not get caught up too much in trying to follow the "rules". Just like to have fun with it. Not be too serious!

And last but not least, here is Melissa's generous giveaway this week to you all, the Paperlife readers, be sure to comment and get in her drawing to win this super CTMH card kit valued at almost $40(wow!):

Thanks Melissa this was a wonderful spotlight and loved getting inside your paperlife! See ya Monday everybody with the winner! (and maybe even a peak at the halloween banner I'm working on).

Lovin my paperlife,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

This weeks Paperlife Spotlight is.........

Melissa Laverty Close to My Heart Director and inspiring scrapbooker!

Hey everybody, so excited to introduce you all to this lovely lady. Love her clean line style and real focus on her photos in her scrap art. While doing these Paperlife Spotlights one of my goals is to highlight scrapbookers and artist from all areas of the industry so we can all gain inspiration and expossure from them. So, I had to get someone special from The Close to My heart consultant based company, and Melissa was the perfect match for me. We live no where near each other, and met at common scrapbooking hangout on the web, but I love her style and had to have her to share with you, and like I said, her passion for her company and scrapbooking and her wonderful ability to pass it on is inspiring.

This is Melissa's PaperLife:

Hi PaperLifers, allow me introduce you to my "PaperLife!" I feel like I've been paper obsessed all my life. I remember just loving wandering around the art supply store in my hometown of Laurel, Maryland. I just loved the smells, the textures, and the limitless possibilities.
I've also always been a photographer. In fact, I won the Junior Friends of the National Zoo Photo Contest when I was in 3rd grade and my work was displayed at the zoo!
It's really a mystery why I didn't start getting into the art of scrapbooking until 2005. Sure, I put together photo albums, but I'd never scrapbooked. But after Cate was born, I was looking for a new hobby and I had all these fantastic pictures of her and her big brother Lawson. I also felt like I needed a way to capture the memories. So, I started scrapbooking. And I loved it. Spent hours on it. Created gorgeous albums. And then friends started asking me to show them how. At that time, I wasn't working and I was looking for some additional income. Then, one night, while scrapbooking at my LSS, I saw a Close to My Heart shopping bag.
As soon as I got home I Googled it, fell in love at first sight and on September 1, 2006, I became a Close to My Heart consultant.
Since then, I haven't looked back. In July, I became a Director with my company (sort of like making partner) and I have a team of almost 30 consultants all over the country. And in August 2009, I was awarded #9 Top Recruiter in the Company at our Leadership Conference. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the CTMH product line. I don’t scrapbook with anything else; I don’t need to. They are consistently up with the trends in the industry and with my AWESOME consultant discount, why wouldn’t I just buy from myself!
My favorite part of my job is introducing scrapbookers to Close to My Heart. There is nothing like the sparkle they get in their eye when they see that you really can create gorgeous scrapbook pages faster, simpler and easier.
For daily updates check out my fancyMelissa Blogpage.

Where do you get your inspiration -
Close to My Heart's gorgeous Idea Books, released 3x per year. Our how-to books, Cherish, Imagine, Reflections for Scrapbooking & Wishes & Originals for cards.The blogs of my fellow CTMH consultants like Karen Pedersen and Jamie Harder and Lisa Stenz and Sarita Schraeder

Melissa Scrapbook Resume:

-Companies Leader of the Let's Get Fancy Team of outstanding consultants

-Director for Close to My Heart - For more than 25 years, Close To My Heart has been offering beautiful, exclusive scrapbooking and stamping products for preserving and celebrating your precious memories. From beginner to expert, we have the perfect products for you. Discover our incredible line of My Reflections® scrapbooking kits, My Originals™ card kits, our exclusive My Acrylix® decorative stamps, as well as our huge selection of albums, papers, inks, and accessories for creating unforgettable layouts, cards, and fun projects to treasure and enjoy for a lifetime.

Some of my work:

Melissa, Why do you scrapbook?

So many diferent reasons...I started out doing it because I needed to preserve my memories. I have the worst memory for the little stories that happen everyday. I also wanted to have something to do with my pictures. I LOVE photography. In fact, my hope is that once both of the kids are in school full-time, I can spend a little more time on my photography skills. But really, it's the creative outlet. It's so satisfying and stress-relieving for me. I love playing with the paper and stamps and doo-dads and seeing how you can really make photos come to life and tell a story when on the right layout.

Melissa's Generous Giveaway for you:


The Close to My Heart Everyday Celebration Card Kit: value $39.95


1 - Learn more about fancyMelissa's Kit club here:
2 - Get Paid to Scrapbook! Become a Close to My Heart Consultant!
In August, get our Tickled Pink Kit (value $34.95) as a welcome gift (see attachment)
In September, all new consultants will also get the Everyday Celebration Card Kit (value $34.95) :
My Blog:

I am so excited to let you all in on my PaperLife come visit me anytime at my blog home and leave me a comment here or there or both (if you want to get entered twice) for my scrapbook giveaway from CTMH you will love it! Its packed full of scrappy goodness!


Thanks so much Melissa you have a beautiful PaperLife! Be sure to leave your comment and check back in a couple days for some more eye candy inspiration from Melissa, cant wait to read everybody's comments, and until then GO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL MESS OF YOUR PAPERLIFE!!!



Announcing Sherri Twings Spotlight Winner

and the lucky scrapper and latte drinker is:

"the words that struck me the most were how you determined they were 'your scrapbooks & you needed to scrap them your way' I love that because too many times we think (or at least I do) that my stuff isn't good enough, but you know what it's mine & that shows through"
19 August, 2009 16:24 your comment I feel the same, as well. E-mail me your Addy and I will get it to the fantastic Sheri Twing and you will soon be scrappin the fall away with new Teresa Collins and a yummy Java!!!!

Ok the new spotlight goes up tomorrow can't wait for you all to meet this lady she has made her love of scrapbooking her successful business and she is soooo talented to boot!

I am working on some big FUN changes here with the site so get ready for our new home which will launch some time this month! I can not wait to share all the spotlight guests and ideas we have planned here for you! Get excited and as always go make a beautiful mess of your PaperLife today!!!

Hugs, Amy

Friday, August 21, 2009

Some "Finally Friday" inspiration from this weeks Paperlife Spotlight Sheri Twing!

Just look at these:
( I just love this one!)
Up Close and Personal = I love my camera. I carry it with me everywhere! You never know when the perfect photo opportunity will present itself. Yes, it's brought a few laughs my way but usually those same people are the ones asking for photos later! Capturing life in pictures is my passion!

Transformers = Alex loves his Transformers! Last count he had over 30! It's on every wish list he has!
(this just makes me laugh been there done that so many times)
What Was I Thinking? = I still have no idea why I thought I would use these labels and tags. I have had these for years and have never used even one! Now, they're probably not that bad, though not my taste now, but really, 272 labels? Why, why, why would I even want to use that many labels on my layouts?

The Lady does digital too!

..................The fabulous miss Sheri has graced us with some more of here wonderful work, to give you that inspiration, you may need for a Scrappy weekend! Remember, midnight Sunday, is the deadline for Sheri's fabulous give away, just scroll down to her paperlife spotlight below and check it out (its a good one!) and leave her a comment here or at or both and get 2 entries!

Until the Giveaway announcement on Monday ..........Go out and make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife this weekend!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Spotlight this week is on Sheri Twing!!

I am very excited to introduce you this week, to my friend Sheri Twing designer for Scraptiffany. I met Sheri at my favorite scrap hang out on the web paperclipping. When I saw Sheri's scrap art I was so impressed with how pretty and dimensional her work is. She caught my eye from the very first layout she put in the paperclipping gallery so I had to spotlight her for the rest of you to enjoy. Here is some of her work:

"When I think of the word "Gratitude" this picture comes to mind. We have such a close family, full of love and appreciation for one another. No matter the miles that may separate us, we are still as close as ever! I have a lot in my life to be thankful for but my family is number one in my thankfulness!"

"I wish our kids could have known Grandpa. He was the most wonderful man. He was a simple man but full of love and wisdom. He was quiet but lived his life loudly. He was a Godly man full of faith and character. The picture on the left is my favorite that I have of him. It shows his fun side and his love for Grandma. Though the pictures are old and styles have changed, they are priceless to me!"
In Color song lyrics, "A picture's worth a thousand words but you can't see what those shades of gray keep covered. You should have seen it in color."

Here is Sheri in her own words:

"I am a 40-something girl who is happily married to the love of my life, Rick for the past 23 years (yikes, that makes me sound old). We are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Ashley. I am an aunt to the most amazing nieces and nephews who are regular subjects of my pages who also gave me the name “Aunt Re Re”. I am a native to California where I lived my entire life until moving to middle Tennessee, just a year and a half ago.
I began scrapbooking about 12 years ago when a friend introduced me to this “new” hobby. I was immediately hooked. I have always had a love for pictures and this just seemed like the natural compliment to my photos. It wasn’t until recent years that I really began getting serious about actually “doing” the pages and not just shopping for the fun supplies! For so long, I struggled with all the different styles and fads, not sure what I should really put on my pages. Then, I had my “a-ha” moment of realizing these are my scrapbooks and the right way to do them is MY way to do them. To allow my personality to take shape on the page regardless of what the going fad is or what the current style is. It was then I found the freedom to do the pages I love.
My goal has always been to capture the memories in photos first. I’ve always had a love for pictures from the time I had my very first camera, a Vivitar 110 with the automatic flash! I love capturing the stories so they are never forgotten. I have my camera with me always! I love taking pictures and have way too many but I love them all! Once I have the pictures, the pages come easily. I always start with a photo and go from there. The photo usually gives me the inspiration and feeling I want the page to have.
I am also a digital scrapbooker. I love digital pages but nothing takes the place of just getting in and playing with supplies and getting your hands dirty! I love getting my hands on scrapbooking products. I know I shop way too much for supplies but love all of it too much to pass it up!
My scrapbooking style varies depending on my mood. I love the grungy style! You’ll often find me distressing papers, inking or painting, and tearing. But then a mood will hit me and I’ll do something that is totally clean, straight lines and bright colors. I usually pull my mood from the photo I am working with. I love to try new techniques and learning new things. I take lots of online classes for everything from designing to collages and mixed mediums, to digital classes.
Even though I have loved scrapbooking for many years, it hasn’t been until the past few months that I began to get more involved in the scrapbooking community. I enjoy all the friends I have made in the scrapbooking industry.

My Inspiration:

I get my inspiration mostly from my favorite blogs that I visit regularly. I’m always a sucker for a good scrapbook magazine or book. I also love to watch ads and billboards for design layouts and color combinations. I’m always looking at colors and elements in department stores from their displays and signs. It’s amazing the combinations you can find when you open your eyes to the world around you.
What inspires me to keep creating is that I am leaving priceless memories for my children and grandchildren to experience and reflect on. I love capturing the things and faces that you will never be able to capture again. I love that we have the ability to preserve such priceless treasures. "

Where do I scrap?

Well, that's interesting that you should ask....I am used to having a whole scrap room, all to myself, me and my supplies! But, since moving to Tennessee a year and a half ago, we are temporarily in a much smaller home so I do not have my own room for scrapping. That was a big adjustment. Right now, I scrap in a small alcove area off of my living room. I am thankful that I have at least some dedicated space for scrapping. But imagine trying to unpack only the "necessary" items you might need for creating and leaving the rest packed. That was my dilemma! But it works great! I do end up spilling over on the dining room table occasionally, whether it's layouts, extra supplies or my sewing machine!

My Scrap Resume

Current Design Team: Scrap Tiffany at

Classes completed: Up and Running with Photoshop – Jessica Sprague
Now We’re Rockin’ - Jessica Sprague
Digi in Deep – Jessica Sprague
Oh Shoot! – Candice Stringham @ Jessica
Getting Organized with ACDSee – Jessica Sprague
Eye for Design – Christy Tomlinson@
Bling Out Your Blog – Wilna Furstenburg @
Everyone Can Write a Little – Cathy Zieskle @ BigPictureScrapbooking
Collage Couture – Stacy Fike & Nikki Pederson @

Online Communities: Paperclipping

To follow Sheri on her scrapping journey and continue to be inspired by her she would love to have you visit her blog

and because not only is Sheri a super talented scrapper she is also very generous, she wants to give all of you a chance to win this months Scraptiffany kit full of the new Teresa Collins sports line to make a great minibook for all those fall sports about to begin! And thats not all, because Sheri can't scrap without her coffee she is giving you a $10 gift card so you can scrap and enjoy a Starbucks as well WOW! How much fun is that?

To enter to win this just leave a comment here or on Sheri's blog (thats right you can comment on both and enter to win twice...SCORE HUH?) letting her know what you loved about her style and/or any questions you would like to see me ask our spotlights of the week in the future. Then come back Monday to see if you won this great prize from Sheri! Until then go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife!

Luv ya,


Sunday, August 16, 2009

And the 1st Paperlife Spotlight Winner is...........

.......... Melissa LaFavors!!!!!!

"Amy, what a great idea! I'll do what I can. Have you heard of Jessica Acs? She is an awesome maker of mini books. She wrote a book, and she has a blog. Really innovative and creative lady! I wonder if she would like to be spotlighted?I will definitely promote your blog on my own and on my scrappin' Yahoo group. I really like that you are doing something positive and not just taking these tough economic times lying down. : )Mel"
12 August, 2009 08:37

Please e-mail me Melissa at with your address and I will have your goody box and Mike's gift card out to you that day so you can go shopping with whatever coupon you have going from there right now!!!

Thank you all so much for making this idea of mine become a reality and more. Want to let you know I am getting requests for "blinkys" as a way for you to help me promote whats going on here(so grateful for that!) and I have one in the works. I also have a logo and an official site being designed at the web address so until that is up and running, which will be very very soon I am going to wait on the "blinky" so that it goes to the permanent home of this project! This is becoming so much fun and very exciting for me I want it to have a quality and reputable home for all of you to feel proud to be a part of! Will give you a hint the logo is going to somehow revolve around a tree....get it ? paper from trees and tree of life? Just such a positive symbol as well and that is what I want this to be all about! The positives that scrapbooking has brought to all of our lives!

Ok, now be sure to get in here tomorrow to see the talent I am spotlighting and the fabulous......oh so fabulous giveaway she is doing for you guys this week! I will give you one hint she is a fellow buddy of mine and if you know that place you know it is full of some awesome talent and she is one of the very best!

So till tomorrow, congratulations too Melissa and all of you, go out and make a beautiful mess of your paperlife!

Hugs, Amy ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

This weeks Paperlife Spotlight is.............

UPDATE:......thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, this thing is taking off and going places I never dreamed thanks to all of you supporting me and each other! I am pretty much booked for the year with weekly spotlights and have officially started to book 2010 WOW! Keep checking back hope to do a few other innovative things with the spotlight in the next couple weeks plus, you want to get in on the giveaway each week. Thank you all again and good luck with this weeks contest. I will draw Sunday night! Till then spread the word and go out and make a beautiful mess of your paperlife by creating something!

...........well, The PaperLife Spotlight! Yes, I am kicking this idea off by spotlighting and explaining what I am trying to do here for scrapbooking, scrap artists, scrap products, and well just anything remotely "scrapbooky", inspirational, and cool. And yes, the above pics are my giveaway including a $20 Michael's gift card. And darn it, I want to spice up everybody's life in this stinkin' economy by having everybody who is promoted here's only contribution be a chance for you, my readers and peeps, to win a fabulous prize from them too. Quite a concept huh?

Here is my why: we are in desperate need of promoting and growing this awesome hobby we do. We are loosing avenues for this everyday from magazines shutting down, stores closing, the economy in general, and fewer opportunities for us to publish our work and "make" the dwindling design teams to promote our art all around. So this is a "grassroots," "pull yourself up by the bootstraps, Amy" idea of mine to change all that.

Basically, each Tuesday I will have a scrapbook talent, product, or company in The Paperlife Spotlight to promote and let everyone get to know. They will have a giveaway of their choosing and I will be promoting them the "Spotlighted," through many various avenues that I have on board with me on the web. And, what you, the reader, gets is a chance to be inspred, get to know them, and possibly win a great giveaway each and every week!

The future: well, long term, if this thing takes off, and if you guys help me spread the word and the traffic grows I want to branch this off into its own Paperlife Spotlight website for us to use as a tool to promote ourselves and what we do, to put some spice into our week with a chance to win a great prize, and a centralized location of inspiration from highlighted scrap talent out there!

But, this is all dependant on you, my readers, and your spreading the word that this place exists all over the web. And, by visiting here and the "spotlighted's" blog yourselves each week and leaving a comment on the weekly spotlight post to be entered in the giveaway. All that adds up to traffic numbers and higher traffic numbers adds up to cool peeps wanting to be spotlighted, inspire, and do cool giveaways here for you!!!

So lets get on to the fun stuff! If you can believe it or not this idea has been received so well I only have one or two weeks left for the rest of the year to Spotlight someone or thing and then we are scheduling into 2010! Wow, pretty exciting given I had this idea in the middle of the night, about 4 days ago, and this is the first Paperlife Spotlight ever! Geez, I have no idea how this happened but, I am humbled by all of you who are supporting me in this by jumping on board to do a spotlight week. And the names and spotlights I have booked already, and the giveaways they have planned for you, I promise you are going to be some inspired and happy little campers out there! I am speechless as to what some of these big name industry people and talents are willing to give to you the reader to make this thing happen. I now truly know this is the wonderful and best hobby to be in that I have always thought it to be. My cup overfloweth!!!

So, thats my story and spotlight on The Paperlife Spotlight. What it is, where I want it to go, and how an idea is nothing until you have a community help you to make it happen! So now, what you have really been waiting for ............what is my kick-off giveaway in the Spotlight this week:

Lets kick off with Teresa Collin's new friendship line, and
2 new kukoyo tape runners, and
Tim Holtz Grunge Paper,and
a kaiser craft mini album,and
some stickles,and
some k and company Bling, and
Michael's gerber flowers, and
ranger distress embossing powder, and
anything else I can fit in that flat rate ship box.
Oh, wait and best of all a $20 Michaels gift card that you can use to buy whatever your heart desires!
Now again this all can be yours just leave me a comment on this post letting me know who you would like to see spotlighted here on the Paperlife! And if that happens to be yourself get ahold of me via e-mail at and we will discuss scheduling your spotlight week! You can even help build your scrap resume by noting you were a Paperlife Spotlight of the Week (didn't think about that perk did ya?). Fun stuff huh? Do all that by midnight cst Sunday night and I will announce the winner on Monday.
So go out my friends and spread the word about this site and the idea so we can make it something big for all of us! And last, but not least, a little tip, start a favorites bookmark file on your computer to store all the inspiring blogs you are about to receive and refer back to them.
luv ya all,
Amy Coon

Spotlight and Nater's trains

This is my nephew Nate he is a Thomas the Train officianado and a real sweetheart. Got these shots of him from outside I was walking by with my camera and caught him using the window ledge as train tracks. Just love these candid photos of him doing what he enjoys most right now. Great capture of this time in his life. All the papers are added some pop dots for dimension on the circles and the photos I photoshopped by changing to b&w and bringing back color to the trains. Sweet layout of a sweet little boy.
OK my paperlife spotlight is taking off like wildfire! Thanks for all the interest and everyone who has booked their spotlight week. I am booking into Oct and Nov now so let me know if you want to reserve a date. Read the post below for more information. It is truely becoming what I invisioned, a place to highlight wonderful talent and products out there in a central location for inspiration and fun from the heart giveaways. With little or no cost to the Spotlighted just a pass it forward promotion of this wonderful hobby I love! Thanks again to everybody who has already booked their spotlight date if it wasn't for your interest this idea of mine wouldn't have gone anywhere.
So tomorrow I am kicking of Paperlife Spotlight by Spotlighting well....Paperlife Spotlight LOL and I will have an awesome giveaway for the week I am so excited about it! Think you will likey!
So enjoy Nater's layout and come back tomorrow for the first Paperlife Spotlight on the Paperlife Spotlight.

Get ahold of me asap to get yourself and your work spotlighted can't wait to get to know you and share you with my peeps here!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Paper Life Announcement

To My PaperLife Friends:

OK I had so much fun and success spotlighting kit club last week and doing a great giveaway for you guys, and given the turn in the economy and the loss of some well loved magazines, I have decided to use my blog as a vehicle to spotlight more of the talent out there in this industry.

The idea is to spotlight someone or something scrappy each week (or as I have them available) to get great people some expossure since alot of our avenues are dying. The only cost to the person, kit club, manufacturer, website, etc, being spotlighted for the week will be a great giveaway to you guys the readers. I hope to do this each Tuesday and draw the winner each Sunday posting them on Monday. I am excited and have so many great peeps with awesome giveaways on board already. I am going to kick this off myself by spotlighting the Paper Life blog this week and giving you all a chance at a fab! fab! Fab! giveaway!!! So check in here Tuesday to see what that is!

Also, if you are feeling generous and would like to get yourself in on this spotlighting just e-mail me with a good date for you, what you want spotlighted, and your planned giveaway. I will then confirm a date with you and send you the information I need to do the post.

I am excited about this. Hope to put a little fun and excitement in everyones lives each week and promote this hobby and all the talented peeps out there that are so near and dear to my heart! And please this is a grassroots sort of thing so spread the word to all your friends so they can get in on it too! Maybe we can turn this into a one stop spot for talent, inspiration, and great giveaways!

Luv Ya All,


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Laugh Out Loud.....

......And Papa Randy always does!
these are new K and Co papers for fall love the greys and yellow desaturated the pic with a vintage action in Photoshop so it blended better with the yellow. The flowers are prima newsprint that I sprayed with mimosa glimmer mist.

Hoping to get the kids outside for a photoshoot with the bubble machine today in honor of the end of summer, school starts next week can you believe it?

Now take some advice from Papa Randy and laugh out loud today!!!!


ps scroll down to see the wedding pics I did last weekend and if you are a winner (next post down) get a hold of and claim your awesome loot!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the Lucky Winners Are...............

So I put all the names in the big red popcorn bowl and....

Tucker Drew:

*******First Lady Jen**********


Jaycie Claire Drew:

********Renee @7:15**********

Huge congrats girls this is one awesome prize! Send Margie, Meg, and Brooke (the Aslett girls) your addys at:

And seriously if you didn't win this is such a great kit at such a great price go on over and get one for yourself anyway! If anyone asks just say Amy made you! And send them my way I'll take care of it. Christmas in August I say. LOL!!!!

So much fun hope to do more giveaways like this so follow my blog so you don't miss'em. girls your kits are rockin best of luck to you and luv ya lots!!!!!



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Girls Loft Kit Club


OK heres the story I have searched and searched for a kit club that "spoke" to me and found an answer to my prayers. My friend the uber talented Margie Romney-Aslett, (yes your reading that right) and her 2 adorable daughters Meg and Brooke have went together and started the cutest, yummiest kit club that they are calling The Girls Loft and they are letting me give away not one but two of their premier kits both July (go to the site and check that bad boy out) and August (above) to you my awesome readers. So I will be able to have 2 winners!!!! Fun stuff huh? To enter for one of the kits post a comment here on the blog letting the girls know what you would love to see in a future kit, thats right you have Ms. Romney-Aslett and the Girls ear as well! I will have the kiddos, Tucker and Jaycie Claire each draw a winner Thursday night before they go to bed at 9pm central time and announce it shortly there after.

Not only are these kits just simply adorable and packed full of unique goodies they are so reasonably priced at $30 a month plus shipping, something else that perfectly fits my dream kit club criteria! woohoo! Their site is where you can get registered for a 6 month period or just try one out for $35 plus shipping for one month. There is also tons of inspiration there from top notch design team designers like my friend Leslie Ashe and Stephanie Ackerman and more.
I just love the story behind the company as well, a mother daughter adventure, how perfectly girly, when I asked the girls what they wanted me to say about the company they sent this:

"The Girl’s Loft was started by a Mom and her girls. We want to share our love for the paper-crafting world with girls like us, crazy about paper, ribbon, and of course all embellishments! Our goal at The Girl’s Loft is to share our passion for things that are beautiful to create with. Whether it is an altered project, traditional scrapbook page, mini book or home decor, we LOVE creating. We hope that we can provide a place for girls like us to find beautifully designed kits, inspiration, new ideas and a place to be simply one of the girls!"

How fun is that?!?!? Now, step one: leave your comment here, step two: go check out their blog for the latest info and then if you love everything as much as I do step three: go to their site and become one of the girls with us!
Good luck my friends can't wait to make 2 peoples night Thursday with one of these babies! And thanks Margie, Meg, and Brooke for letting me do this for my peeps!

Going to the chapel...........................

...............................and Bob and Cathy got married last weekend and they let me have the honor of photographing it for them!! It was each of their second marriages and such a happy long awaited event. It was so great to watch 2 soul mates start the second half of their lives together after all they have each been through its finally their turn for happiness. Such a beautiful day and wedding here are a few of the shots I got and wanted to share with you all. I see quite a few scrapbook pages in my future!

If you like what you see and are local to the area or can get here and would like me to do yours contact me I love doing photo shoots of all kinds. To see more of my work click on my photography link on the upper right hand side of the blog and call or drop me a line.