Monday, September 21, 2009

We R All Moved In!

Attention the spotlights are all moved into their new home at :

go there to meet this weeks fun and fabulous spotlight via our podcast interview, and to comment to get in on her GLITZ GIVEAWAY!!! Also, watch the critiques videos and join the message boards/community so much fun stuff coming there!!! Grab a blinky while your at it and have us over to your blog!

So excited for everything and promise that since I have my blog back lots of my personal paperlife stuff will be going up again here!




Ok here is the lucky winner of Memento's Apron and Tote:

Shawninaz said...
I too am a perfectionist when it comes to my crafting. I've done exactly what you've described and I've accepted the fact that I'll always be behind. Great idea on the tote and apron. Thanks for offering the blog readers this great giveaway!
15 September, 2009 18:23

Shawn get me your addy and phone# and I will get it to Terri so you can chat about your fabulous custom prize! Congrats and be sure to share pics of what you end up getting with us at the message boards!

Speaking of that, the new message boards are up and running for The Paperlife so come on over and join us and post pics of your work and paperlife there for all to see! you can get there from our new location also at the top under message boards! And speaking of the new site we will move in tomorrow there!! And the spotlight is uber cool, with a fab giveaway and a podcast interview to boot so don't be late! And comment to get in on it!

So excited for the big launch tomorrow, remember grab a badge for you home on the web there and spread the word we moved. Spotlights will continue every Tuesday with a fabulous weekly giveaway! And join in on all the stuff we are continuing to add there it really is a fun place to hang with your paper peeps!

Until tomorrow, from the new home,, go make a beautiful mess of your paperlife and share pics with us at the new message boards



ps so excited to get my blog back as well look for lots of posts here on what has been going on in my personal paperlife here from the last few weeks!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Here's More From Memento!

Hi Paperlifers we are working hard to kick off the new site next Tuesday! I am so excited to move I can hardly stand it! Be sure to join the message boards/community linked at the top of the site and add lots of pics of your work to inspire each other!!

Ok enough of that and back to the lovely miss Terri from Memento and her cool twist on a Paperlife! Read one post down to get a look at her huge giveaway for you and read her entire spotlight oh and check out her studio too cool! But, I saved this next pic for last because I love it how cute would this be for you and your littlest paperlifer to wear? I have to have these for Jaycie Claire and I for sure! And the bags wow! love the bags, terrific heartfelt gifts for the holidays everyone!

Thank you Terri for sharing your beautiful take on much needed necessities for our paperlives just gorgeous work. Remember we draw for an apron and tote from Terri at midnight CST Sunday night as always so leave her a comment to get in. And then go check out her site for tons of items like you see below and give her a jingle if you are wanting something custom!

Until Monday with the winner you can catch me on twitter or hanging out at the new message boards and go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet Memento

Ok Paperlifers we are gonna change things up a bit this week and introduce you to some classy cute must have items for your upcoming papercrafting season! This cute lady is Terri Johnson owner of Memento! She is an etsy girl and loves her take on The Paperlife through making products to help you organize and feel stylin while working in your own Paperlife. Here is Terri's story and an intrduction to her beautiful products. Take it away Terri:

Hi, my name is Terri and I am a WAHM with a 15 month old son Maverick and a 3 year old daughter Liberty. I have been married for 13 years to Ron, my best friend & the greatest husband and father. I am very blessed to have such an amazing partner for this journey called life, marriage and parenting. He is very supportive of me and my business; which is my third child Memento! Who just happened to come along while I was pregnant with my son.
Memento is the personalized gifts & embroidery business I created. Talk about a crazy time to start a business but I have heard from many other fellow moms it’s what us mompreneurs do!Memento was launched in 2007, with a desire to build a business that combined my creative vision and entrepreneurial talents; to produce personalized and made-to-order products. My vision was to offer products that represent a person's legacy, individual taste, or, makes a unique statement about an individual's spirit and character. I have spent lots of time trying to find the perfect gift that represents the individual that I am giving it to. It isn’t always the easiest task. When I created Memento I wanted to offer these types of gifts. Combining the unique items I have found with embroidery and monogramming I help create the perfect customized item for that special person or event.

Memento creates a timeless reminder of a special moment, person, place or time. It's a gift that's fun and creates smiles and laughter. It also represents a special sentiment or reminder that conjures up memories or tears. Most importantly, I want to offer products that make gift giving easy. I believe that our selection of products, with your personalized touch, offer your friends and loved ones a gift that is as unique and special as they are. From all of this, Memento was launched. And by the way, if you love our products, the greatest compliment you can pay us is to tell all of your friends, family and co-workers about Memento!
Here is our etsy shop and where you can find us on the web:

Etsy Shop:

And now for My Paperlife Spotlight Giveaway to you:

I’m a detail girl down to the littlest details. Sometimes that is a blessing when you area creative person and sometimes a curse. When I scrapbook a beach vacation I pull out every color of blue paper I have and hold my ocean pictures up to all the blues so I can pick the perfect one! When I scrapbook with friends they get multiple pages and layouts done and poor Terri might get 2 pages done if it’s a good day. I am so behind at the moment on both of my children’s scrapbooks…behind is an understatement. The true status, photos have been taken and not sorted, some not even ordered! I have kept all the things that would be perfect to eventually go in their books and written down all the memorable moments. So thankfully, I am organized and I have the details now to just do the work! When I use to go to a friend’s house or to a scrapbook class I would just load up my supplies in a box. Now, I have the perfect must have way to carry your supplies from one room to another or to take to a friends house. A collapsible market tote basket. They are open on top so you can stack them up and fill them with all kinds of papers, punches, stickers and everything else you need to make the perfect layout. I have customers that do weekends at a cabin with all their girlfriends and they carry their supplies in one market tote and then have one as their work in progress tote.

Another thing that I find very useful and helpful when I am creating is an apron with POCKETS! Not only do they keep the messy goodness off your clothes but, you always have things that you put down and wonder where are they when scrapping. I love keeping a pen, pencil, eraser and scissors and pins (if I am sewing) in my apron pockets. This way when I am sewing, Embroidering, making a card or layout I have exactly what I need right there on me. And when you are feeling creative and want to be inspired you have to wear an apron that is cute and sets the mood. I created these beautiful aprons for a customer and decided I would branch out and make some more for people who live a creative life.

I am happy to giveaway this week, in honor of my Paperlife spotlight, to a creative Paperlife reader a Personalized Market Tote Basket & Custom Apron!
Thank you Terri, what a generous thing to give from your paperlife. I just love all of Terri's adorable items in her etsy shop be sure to check that out after you leave your comment here to get in on this HUGE giveaway of hers this week.

And that is not all here is a fun look inside where Terri lives and creates her Paperlife. It is still in progress but, wow I am lovin it so far:

So fun Terri to get a look inside where your Paperlife happens and by the way, love The Paperlife blue walls, great color choice LOL!!! I know, I know, who am I kidding that is actually Memento blue right? Still beautiful color choice.

Ok so, Paperlifers pretty awesome spotlight and giveaway again this week huh? As always, leave Terri a comment here on her Paperlife and we will draw CST midnight Sunday for both a Memento Tote and adorable apron.

On another note, we will be officially moved to the new site next week, our permanent home . And man do we have fun stuff planned there. GO now and here a podcast by me on what exactly we are about and doing there. Also, at the top under the critique boutique, the first product critique video is up and its a fun one watch that! And, please please leave me a comment letting me know you were there and what you think, afterall I want it to be your Paperlife home on the web as well. Thanks so much for all the support everybody! This is about you and I couldn't do any of this without you! So until later this week, we'll see you at The Paperlife and be sure to go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife!!!!



Monday, September 14, 2009


Big fat envious congrats go to:

ScrapNSister1 said...
Way too cute! I love the little dress up ginger bread.
10 September, 2009 03:15


Maggie said...
Both sets are great though I really do like that Gingerbread stamp set. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.
08 September, 2009 12:01

You 2 are the Elle's studio winners! How exciting is that to start your week off with!!!

Ok girls e-mail me your addys and I will get them over to Elle so she can ship these asap and you can PLAY!! Thanks again Elle and Elle's Studio for everything, you have a fantastic Paperlife keep up all the good work for us!!!

Also, next week we will be officially launching our new home so grab a button for your blog and spread the news so much exciting stuff will be happening there. To learn some more about what we have planned head over there and listen to our first podcast and then later today our first video will release in the critique boutique and you don't want to miss that enabling goodness LOL!

So until tomorrow, check those bad boys out and then on back here to see this weeks fun and fabulous lady in The Paperlife spotlight, and as always, you can comment to get it on her equally fab giveaway......its a good one! See ya then, now go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here's More for Your Weekend from Elle

Wow aren't these sooo fun!!! A mini album this Halloween out of these is a must for me. I am thinking my bind-it-all and those journal spots will be a spooky good little Halloween book! Thanks Elle and Elle's Studio for sharing everything with us this week and especially for a super generous double giveaway.......that's right leave Elle a comment on what you like best and you get in on the entire Halloween collection giveaway and the entire Christmas collection giveaway! Doesn't get much better than that these days!! I will be drawing the winners Sunday midnight CST as always so get your comment in before then!!
Elle was also kind enough answer some questions you have had for her here they are very interesting and good questions I must say you Paperlifers:
Do you scrap in mostly vintage style?
I think of my style as mixed – I love vintage items and incorporating them into layouts, but I also love all the new stuff, too!

Do you print your stuff at home or are they sent out to be printed? Where do you manufacture create your products? ie do you have a home office, a physical store/building?
We get everything printed at a local print shop that lets us work with them one-on-one. Quality and colors are very important to us! We then cut and packaged everything in our little studio/workplace. We do not have a retail store front.

What type of printer and program do you use?
We use a digital printer at our local print shop – I’m not sure of the exact name of it… sorry! And, for all our designing we use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Whats your best organizational tip?
Hmm… this is a hard one because I’m not very organized when it comes to scrapbooking! I guess the best tip would be that it is okay to put unfinished projects away. I used to think you had to leave them out until they were complete – but that just turned into a disaster! So, I started putting them away when I couldn’t go any further on a project and found that that little break from the project helps you so much more and gives you a fresh, new perspective when you pull it out again! I’ve been able to get a lot more done and finished by doing this!

Thanks again Elle for being in the spotlight this week we have loved getting to know you and your Paperlife. If you want to learn more about Elle and Elle's Studio and to see all of the yummy new stuff she has out for the Holidays just scroll down to the previous post and read her spotlight there! You can also do a little shopping this weekend for everything Elle has shared with us at her store
Ok Paperlifers, we are one week away from launching our new site so remember to grab a badge for your blog at the new site, and update your bookmarks to If you would like to see your business there, by sponsoring The Paperlife, please contact me as soon as possible we have unbelievable introductory sponsor rates! Also, if you would like to tryout for a spotlight of your own, information on how to do that is up at the new site as well, go find out how and give me a jingle!!! We are booked until April of 2010 so you will have plenty of time to get things together but, don't miss the chance, as I am booking spots pretty much daily. Also, thank you everybody for your excitement and sharing The Paperlife with your friends on Tuesday alone we had over 5000 hits to the site UNBELIEVABLE!! The Paperlife has so much in store for you when we move don't miss a week! And as always over this beautiful fall weekend find some time to get inspired and Go Make a Beautiful Mess of Your Paperlife!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Elle's Studio is rockin The Paperlife and the Holidays this Year!!!

OK you Paperlifers, have I got a treat for you this week! Its Elle from Elle's Studio. One of my fave manufacturers. What you see above is examples from her creative Paperlife. I love them all but that summer album is just stunning! Her stuff is just so clean and classy, pretty much timeless and, to cute to boot! I am a big fan. You have probably seen her stuff used by the fabulous Ali Edwards and I know I am getting these from Elle for my Ali inspired December Daily this year:

You can check Ali's project out here: How perfect these daily tags be? And when I saw what she has done for this Halloween and Christmas, I called her right up and begged her to be in the spotlight so I could share her with you all. She graciously agreed and went above and beyond to do it ........wait till you see her giveaway!(hang on that will be after you get to know this cool lady) So, I will step back and share Elle's Paperlife and let you get to know this cool lady behind the fabulous scrapbook company Elle's Studio!

Elle introduce us and tell us how Elle's Studio came into existence?

Hello! I’m Elle from Elle’s Studio, LLC. I started Elle’s Studio in early 2007 when I couldn’t find the things I was looking for at our local scrapbook store. I had been a Graphic Designer for quite awhile so I turned to my computer to create the things I needed. My friends started asking where I got them and after making tags for them and family they encouraged me to start selling them!

We are really excited about the future of Elle’s Studio and are really focusing on inspiration! We’ve added a new section to our site called “Projects” and have some fun things in store that will be coming soon! We are also planning on putting together a design team for 2010. We’ll be making an announcement about this in October!

Our home on the web is located here and we love to have you visit and get inspiration from us anytime as well as shop our awesome products!

Ok Elle, so where you get your inspiration for these fabulous treasures you make?

Inspiration seems to be everywhere now days! I love reading all the scrapbooking blogs out there and seeing everyone’s scrapbooking creations! Flickr is a constant source of eye candy. Vintage books and current magazines are a huge favorite, too! I also love reading style blogs like Creature Comforts, Decor8, and Modish. I try to get through my blog list at least once a week to see what is new out there, but my list is getting longer and longer so it’s getting harder to keep up! Here is a list of my regular inspirational haunts:

Creature Comforts

Ok so we at The Paperlife want to know a little about how you design or come up with your designs for Elle.

I usually start with thinking of a subject or theme and brainstorm on it for a couple of days. Then, I sketch it out on paper and transfer it to a digital design on the computer. The design usually goes through a ton of revisions before it is finalized.

Elle inquiring minds want to know what are your top 3 favorite products from Elle's Studio and why?

Since Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I’ll have to go with items from our new holiday line… but it’s hard to narrow it down to just three :) I think our Gingerbread Dress-Up Doll is going to get a ton of use for making gift tags and cards from me this year. I also can’t wait to create a December mini with our number cut outs! And, I’m really in love with vintage things right now, so the Vintage Snowflake Circles are a big favorite, too! Here are pictures of my favorites and links to where you can get them:

Gingerbread dress up doll
Number cut outs

Vintage snowflakes

So Elle do you still scrap? and if so tell us a little about that like who do you scrap? where do you scrap? why do you scrap?

I do! I don’t have any kids, but I do have a dog, which I consider my baby :) A lot of my scrapbooking ends up being about her or my family (mom, dad, sister and her husband). I tend to scrapbook moments that have memories that I never want to forget. I love looking back at the pages and being able to fall right back into that moment. We recently did a mini book workshop for summer at our blog and I’m loving all the memories it holds! I can’t wait to start on one for the holiday season! I’m a really, REALLY messy scrapbooker! I love spreading everything out and diving in, so my scrapbooking tends to be in large chunks of time. I’ll usually scrapbook for 2 to 4 days straight and then put everything away. I try to bring it all back out again every two to three weeks and get a couple pages done each time. Every time I pull it back out I find something new and end up getting inspired all over again!

Right now I’m working on my Christmas cards! Last year I received some homemade ones and they meant so much to me. So, this year I have challenged myself to make all my own cards! Getting an early start on this project was really important since the holiday season gets so busy!
(The sampling of Elle's work is at the top of the post. It should be here but, blogger decided to be difficult and won't let me move them! Sorry about that.)
See more of Elle's work on her blog located here:
and link directly to that fun summer album I am totally in love with here:
Summer documented:
Thanks for sharing, I just love that you enjoy this hobby as much as the customers you design the products for!

Now on to Elle's fantastic giveaway for you:

We have two giveaways for the Paperlife readers! A Christmas set and a Halloween set!! So we will have not one but two winners this week. How does that sound?? Here are pictures of both of the collections and you can always go to the Elle's Studio site to get better individual looks at the pieces.

Elle, these are just a must have for Halloween and Christmas "graphically, cute, and classic" I say and so versatile, all of the pieces can be used to accent many lines of paper on the market because the are so classic! Thank you so much for sharing your Paperlife with all of us. It is so fun to meet the people behind our favorite products and see that you truly live a Paperlife too! I hope you are rested up because, I have a feeling you are gonna be busy filling orders with all of this yummy stuff this holiday season! keep up the good work my friend you knocked it out of the park for us this release!!

OK so you want one of these I know, I know!! Well leave your comment here about your favorite item from the Elle's Studio release, and go ahead and ask Elle a question you might have about her Paperlife. Maybe we can get her to answer some this weekend. And like every other week here at The Paperlife, we will be drawing for the two giveaways (how cool is that!) at Midnight CST Sunday night so get it in before then. And spread the word, there are 2 giveaways going maybe you and a friend you send here will both win!

Thanks everybody, hope your Labor Day was fun and relaxing. It was here and I got all of my spring bulbs planted so, I am hoping for a beautiful Spring next year (if I planted them deep enough). Until we talk again this weekend, do what I am doing this week for sure, and go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife!!



Monday, September 7, 2009

We have a Label Tulip winner!!!!

And here is the very lucky Label Tulip September Kit winner:

Lesley Langdon said...
I just found Label Tulip and was inspired to join for September!!! I am very excited to play with the "sure to be" yummy selection of products.
05 September, 2009 17:01

Wow! Lesley you are one lucky girl I must say I am a little green with envy;0)! You will see your full kit mid month, as that is when Label Tulip releases their kits and Jen will get it in the mail shortly after that so, get me your addy asap! And Lesley, send The Paperlife pictures of what you do with it and I will post them, we would all love to live vicariously through you and see!!!!

Now, paperlifers this is an awesome kit and if you didn't win it this week go on over and you can still get it for yourself at! Hang out for a while on the message boards while your there. They are a cool bunch of scrappin peeps! Also, tomorrow's spotlight and giveaway is rockin as well! This week we will be spotlighting an uber cool manufacturer and the giveaway is not only super awesome yummo but, there is going to be 2 of them!!

So same drill as always everybody, come here tomorrow and meet and get inspired by a wonderful fellow Paperlifer and comment to get in on their double giveaway, and then spread The Paperlife love by letting all your Paperlife friends know about us because we do this every week!!! Oh and last but not least go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife! Congrats Lesley and thank you thank you Jen and Label Tulip! See ya tomorrow for another Paperlife spotlight!


ps we are almost ready to make the big move over to The Paperlife's permanent home go ahead and check it out! Leave me some feedback, just realize all the kinks aren't out yet ;0)! and get ready to have a new home for all our Paperlives there! So much planned and coming I am beyond excited and cannot wait to share. Also the new site will be taking sponsors to help us do all this so, let me know asap if you would like you or your business featured there as we are running a special pricing for the early birds and only have a limited number of spots! And as always, the spotlighted's cost will always be a giveaway from their heart to you the readers so if you want to be considered for that let me know!

pss if you do head over to check out be sure to take a badge for your Paperlife home on the web!!! They are actually done, working, and ready to go!!!! And check The Label Tulip blog because, Jen has put out a design team call you won't want to miss!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ready, Set, ok here they are....

........your exclusive Paperlife Label Tulip Kit sneak peaks. Gorgeous!! You are looking at what might be delivered to your house if you comment on any of Jen's Paperlife Spotlight posts!

The September Main kit

Add on kit 1Add on kit 2

These are just gorgeous and you The Paperlife readers are getting an exclusive peak at them 24 hours before they are released! Wow, Jen the colors, the items, everything is stunning. I cannot wait to see this in its entirety mid-month!
Jen you are such a cool, inspiring, sweet, generous lady. The Paperlife wishes you and Label Tulip nothing but the best!!!!! Remember to read all 3 of Jen's spotlight posts. Each one is full of inspiration and one has a big hint!!! Remember to sign up for The Label Tulip newsletter before tomorrow to get that sweet nugget of information! Here:
Leave a comment Paperlifers, as always, and that's it your in the drawingfor Septembers Label Tulip main kit! I will post the winner on Monday so be sure to check back here then. The deadline is Sunday midnight CST! So don't be late. Wishing everyone a fun filled, safe, and inspiring Labor day weekend from The Paperlife, and as always make sure you make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife this weekend! ;D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jen From Label Tulip is back

That's right even more from this talented lady! These are just 3 fun questions I asked Jen to get to know her a little better read on and enjoy more of her Paperlife! The table story is priceless. Love it!

Jen where do you scrap and what would your dream studio look like?

I scrap on my dining room table that is over 150 years old! The table actually holds a lot of history and memories in itself, it's a really cool story! As a part of my family, the table once floated from our dining room to our family room in the 1970's during a terrible flood that we endured in Atlanta. To this day, you can still find Georgia Red Clay mud in the cracks and crevices of the table. Before I was lucky enough to possess the table, it was my grandmother's and her grandmother's as well going all the way back to the Jefferson's. My great great great (who knows how many greats!) grandfather was Joseph Jefferson, a famous stage actor of the 1800's. Joseph was a cousin of Thomas so I am distantly related to Thomas Jefferson and am extremely proud to be in Joseph's family, he was an amazing actor. The table was once owned by his children I believe. Needless to say, it's been all over and around! It is currently covered with my scrapping stuff.
My "dream studio", oh, yes! I do dream of one day having my own crafting room, but it won't be in this 3/2 house that we live in currently! I'd love a room all to myself with lots of shelves and table space that wrapped all the way around the room. That way I'd have instant access to all my die cut devices, paper trimmer, heating tools, etc...My room would have "stations"; the embossing/glitter station; die cut station; scrapping station; paint station; and definitely a dedicated computer so I could get more involved with digital scrapping!

So, who are the papercrafters that you love?

I'm not one that is a fan of certain paper artists, I tend to be an admirer of almost everything I see. I do love a few particular authors including Margot Potter (The Impatient Crafter) -- I love how she can do anything with paper! I also love Lain Ehman's work and used to listen to her Podcasts all the time (she recently started her own website, Ella Publishing) and have participated in her Layout A Day (LOAD) project that she facilitates twice a year. And I'm not just saying this, but I think our Design Team, the Tulip Girls, are extraordinary artists! Their designs are so inspiring and I can't wait to work with them, they are the greatest bunch of gals.

OK, Jen if you could only have 5 scrap products other that your trimmer and adhesive what would they be?

1. Flowers -- preferably Prima of course! I love flowers and use them on almost every page and project
2. Ink pad -- if I can only pick one color, I guess brown. I love to use the ink pads to distress my work, especially the edges of cards. Ink adds such a great layer of texture and mystery.
3. Basic Grey Patterned Paper -- they make the best, so if you could only hand me one sheet, I know no matter which sheet it was, I could do something with it! If I get a second choice, definitely Graphic 45.
4. Thickers -- who CAN'T live without these?!
5. Cutter Bee Scissors -- you know, the yellow ones? They are the best scissors I have used and are great for cutting out images from patterned paper.

What is the best papercrafting advice you could give to fellow scrappers?

Create from your heart and you'll always have a gorgeous and treasured final result. Even if it only means something to you, that's what is important.

and here is a sweet Mother's day card from Jen:

And look at this adorable birdhouse she the flowers on the roof:

Now BIG HINT coming here from Jen and Label Tulip, a little birdie told me it might be a REALLY good idea to subscribe to the Label Tulip newsletter...especially if you're interested in the Design Team! Act fast, as their newsletter is sent out at 6pm PST on 9/5 (tomorrow) also I heard a rumor that you can get an exclusive Paperlife sneak, sneak peak of the Label Tulip September kit here sometime today or tomorrow so make sure you check back for that golden nugget of exclusive information right here on The Paperlife!

Jen, thanks so much for sharing your paperlife with us and for following your dream so we can all benefit from your wonderful future Label Tulips kits. Your story is an inspiration for our hearts and your future with Label Tulip is inspiration for our creative souls.

Ok paperlifer's if you haven't already leave your comment for the entire September Label Tulip kit Jen designed. Its her debut kit don't miss it. You have until Sunday midnight CST and I will announce the lucky winner here on Monday! And remember we do this every week so come back for next weeks inspiring paperlifer and their awesome giveaway. Its a big one too!

Until Monday with the lucky winner, go hang out at Label Tulip and make a beautiful mess of your paperlife this weekend!



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And The Paperlife Spotlight With the Big Secret is.........


Now, before we get into this awesome Label Tulip announcement, let me introduce you to my friend and fellow Paperlifer who above all "gets it" and lives her Paperlife in celebration and to the fullest! And yes fellow PC livers you know her as Jenibug. So, without further ado, here is Jen, proud new owner of label Tulip's, PaperLife:

I have spent most of my life in the arts, no matter what the specific discipline. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia during the 70's and 80's, I was actively involved in children's theater both with my school and external theaters. In high school I continued my theater work, but also became very interested in photography and spent my senior year in the darkroom, smelling like the developer chemicals almost every day! Although I went through several majors in college before deciding on one, I finally graduated in 1997 with a BA degree in Film and Television with a minor in Theater.

After graduation I thought I had it all worked out; I was interning at a post-production house and was set to follow a path in Film and Television production; however, I soon realized that the actual business of filmmaking was a lot different than making student films -- it's a very cut-throat world and my sensitive personality isn't meant for that sort of life. So, I took a temp job with IBM and began to grow my IT career; as the daughter of an IBM'er, computer work came naturally to me even if it wasn't my favorite thing to do. I ended up working in the IT industry for more than 10 years, and when I lost my job last year, I was actually the Email Manager for over 5,000 users.

Although I had been scrapbooking on and off for a few years before I lost my job, I really started to get into it afterwards because I had more free time on my hands. Around the beginning of 2009, I realized that I really wanted to be a part of the scrapbooking industry, and not just a customer; I was intrigued with the family-like unity that many of the kit club message boards conveyed, and I had developed quite a passion for "everything paper". I began to look around for job opportunities within the online industry, and was lucky enough to be introduced to the then-owner of Label Tulip; she was interested in selling the business, and after talking with each other, we realized I was a perfect match to take over the business she had grown for more than 2 years.

I am so proud and honored to now be owner of Label Tulip! It truly is a dream come true and although it's a lot of hard work, it doesn't feel like it on most days because the customers are the greatest and I am blessed with the most talented design team around! I have so many awesome plans for the future of Label Tulip, I cannot wait to bring my fresh ideas and perspectives to an already thriving business. After being laid off last year and feeling like I'd never find a job, much less one that I loved, I think my story is a great example of "if you want something bad enough, and you work hard enough, you can making anything happen". I worked very hard to get where I am today, and it was not without a lot of obstacles and emotional times (my baby was in the NICU for 2 months right after I was laid off); but I never gave up and now, I just feel so humbly lucky and honored to say that I own Label Tulip, one of the internet's top scrapbooking kit clubs. Dreams do come true!
-why do you scrap?

I have to! I have a degree in film, so I've always got my camera handy and I have an obsession with paper products! I'm an artist at heart and I need a way on most days to get my feelings out artistically; whether good emotions or bad, scrapping and paper crafting provide me that outlet. I create almost every day of my life whether it's an entire layout or a little greeting card, I try to do something for myself.
-who or what do you scrapbook?

When I scrapbook it's mostly about my children. They are so amazing and beautiful (spoken like a true mom!) and I want to capture everything they do and say: their silliness, innocence, and all the fun times. I have to admit though, it's those few times that I get to scrap a page about myself that are the most beneficial to the soul -- I always learn something about myself when I'm challenged with those "scrap something about you" suggestions. I love doing art journaling, it's such a great way to play with my scrappy products and learn about myself at the same time. Scrapping and Journaling definitely make me a better person.

-what is your scrapping style?
Oh wow, that's a tough one! I'm all over the place, but as a whole I'd have to say it's modern meets vintage, crazy meets conservative, girlie meets punkrock. I love to use vintage items, but give them a modern twist. I love color, and lots of it, but try to only use the really bright ones in small amounts. I love flowers and have them on almost every page. I'm also guilty of scraplifting; there are so many talented scrappers out there, that more than once I have lifted their designs and made them my own -- I think that's one of the greatest aspects about the scrapping community, we are all here to share our lives and our art with each other. I've been so lucky to share with a group of really amazing people.

-where do you get your inspiration?

Sometimes it's from a photograph; I'll start with the photo that contains a great memory and get an idea of how I want to convey that experience on paper. But more often than not, it's from the products themselves. A certain sheet of patterned paper that is so beautiful that I must have it -- I'll purchase all the embellishments and add-ons just to go with that one sheet of amazing paper. Or a kit club that puts together the most exquisite compilation of scrapping items, I can't wait to dive in and create. Being a member of kit clubs is definitely what drove me to want my own; I felt like I was getting so much joy out of belonging, that if I could own one, I could hopefully share that joy with so many other scrappers and artists; and here I am!

Some of Jen's breathe-taking work:
I told you I loved flowers! I love the stitched Prima paper, I'm so excited about the new line they have out! Journaling reads: We were at Rudy's when Matt was visiting in April. Sophie went off to make friends and instead found a flower bed she just had to lie down in.This page is about my mom, a very tough subject to talk about and deal with. The journaling reads: You were beautiful, talented, and loving - why did you stop caring?
This layout is one I did right after I lost my 18 year old doggie Daisy. I lost her but a few months ago and the grief is still very strong. I've had Daisy all of my adult life; she saw me through college, moving out on my own, moving to Austin, she was in my wedding, and was here when I brought both my girls home from the hospital. She was my "soul dog" and I miss her so much. I took the photo in the grass to always remind me of the hilarious way she used to "tiptoe" in the grass when it got too high -- she was such a princess for being a pound puppy.

All are so beautiful Jen, just love the dimension and depth you bring to your pages with all the details and meaningful stories!

Ok Jen, now what we have all been waiting for, some questions about your exciting new Label Tulip adventure!

-what do you want for the future of Label Tulip?

Most importantly, I want to continue to provide our current and potential customers with the highest quality kits I can! Label Tulip has always provided the newest/hottest products out there and I want to forever ensure that level of quality. I want to make sure each and every kit is beyond gorgeous and that it provides tons of potential for many scrapping projects. Moving forward, I also want to inspire our members with some alternative projects that aren't necessarily your standard scrapping layouts; I think it's important to remember that we're all artists and we can use these products for more than just scrapbooking! I'm also very interested in supporting the independent artists out there, and that's why I'm so excited to be adding a new feature to Label Tulip called "The Etsy Extra". Each month we'll be featuring an Etsy artist and will be including one of their items in our main kits! I'm so excited to reveal our September kit and the gorgeous hand-made item we are including, it's hard to keep it a secret!

Another one from Jen its a "me" layout. I love it when I get to see Paperlifer's "me" layouts, they are so poignant and telling about the person.

A minimalistic layout about me.

If you think Jen's Paperlife is exciting so far, hold on tight for her super amazing giveaway for all of you this week! It's a.........

.............................Label Tulip September Main Kit valued at $36! (yes you read that right! breathe!)

from Jen: I wish I could show you pictures of the kit now, but we are a mid month kit and our customers haven't even seen it yet! So, please check back on for sneek peaks(and maybe even a few here Friday) and on September 15, the kit will be revealed! I will ship it out to the spotlight winner ASAP! I can promise you this, it's gorgeous and is definitely reflective of my "old meets new" style!

Thank you Jen, for letting us have a look inside your Paperlife, for caring enough about what this hobby is truly about to make it your life's work, and for inspiring us with your talent and story! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and Label Tulip! You are a SUPER STAR in my book! And now Paperlifers, comment here to get in on Jen's unbelievable LT kit giveaway and then hurry on over to to get acquainted with their fabulous kit club and hop on their message boards to meet some new friends! (you may even see me hangin over there) And until Friday, when I will have some more weekend inspiration from Jen and Label Tulip, go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife!


oooooh and almost forgot 2 more great Label Tulip links for you to check out:

Label Tulip Blog --

Label Tulip Design Girls--


Monday, August 31, 2009

Melissa's Lucky Winner is..............

........................................Kaytee said...
Wow! Melissa, you do beautiful work!! I am off to check out your blog right now!
28 August, 2009 13:12

Congrats Kaytee get your address to me ASAP and I will get it to Melissa so she can get the awesome CTMH card kit out to you!

Thank you so much Melissa for inspiring us all and for giving us a look into how you live your Paperlife!

Now I have a big, no make that HUGE surprise for all of you on Tuesday. This weeks Paperlife Spotlight has a big secret she is revealing that day and you are not going to want to miss meeting her and getting in on her UNBELIEVABLE giveaway! I can hardly wait to introduce her to you and announce her big secret she has been keeping for quite some time! I promise you this, you are going to love her, be inspired by her, and your heart will skip a beat when you hear her secret and her giveaway! (and because of her big secret you will only be getting a sneek peek at it............ and thats all I'm saying)

So, until Tuesday, go make a beautiful mess of your Paperlife!


PS guesses on who's the Paperlife spotlight for the week comments are always welcome and fun! Do you think you know who she is???????

Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend inspiration from Melissa Laverty

Hi everybody this is Amy!
I have saved back some of Melissa's work for her to share with you and inspire you over the weekend! I just love how she is not only a page scrapper, in regards to her paperlife, but she also does fabulous paper project work! If you haven't tried something in your paperlife that isn't a page in an album go try it. Its a great way to get lost in, and to celebrate your art, that leaves lasting heirlooms for your loved ones! I am following my own advice this weekend and spending my "artsy" paperlife on a halloween banner! Love starting something with odds and ends collected from all over my studio and then having a piece of me in art in the end to share with others. OK so remember, same drill, get inspired by more of Melissa's Paperlife today, leave a comment here or on her blog (tons of inspiration there too) or both and get in twice for her fabulous giveaway shown at the bottom of this post! And if you missed Melissa's full spotlight on her paperlife go down a post and read all about this talented lady! The drawing will happen Sunday night at midnight cst. So until then, my paperlife friends, go this weekend and make a beautiful mess of your own Paperlife!
An interview with Melissa on her paperlife:
If you could only have 5 products besides your cardstock and adhesive what would they be?
Close to My Heart How-to Book to help me come up with fabulous layouts everytime!
Sand Paper
Desert Sand, Close to My Heart Exclusive Ink perfect for distressing
Comments, Close to My Heart MyAcrylix stamp set, so great for journaling lines
MY LEGACY WRITERS® BLACK PEN SET, love to write my own journaling and these pens are like butter
What would your dream scrap space look like?

tons of light, tall worktable, tons of those cute Ikea bookshelves to store all my stuff, and lots of shabby chic antique-y baskets and hangers and whatnot to put all my doo-dads in. Oh, and someone who cleans up after I'm done creating and puts everything back where it belongs cause I'm really bad about that!

Who or what do you scrapbook most?

My kids, Lawson (7) & Cate (4). In fact, I photograph them so much that the other day, my son bribed me. He was in no mood to have his picture taken. And I had found this perfect field of yellow flowers which would have made the best background to use with my new CTMH Grace paper. So he said, Mom, you can take 5 more shots if you let me have a popsickle when we get home! He's got my number!

Why do you scrapbook?

So many different reasons...I started out doing it because I needed to preserve my memories. I have the worst memory for the little stories that happen everyday. I also wanted to have something to do with my pictures. I LOVE photography. In fact, my hope is that once both of the kids are in school full-time, I can spend a little more time on my photography skills. But really, it's the creative outlet. It's so satisfying and stress-relieving for me. I love playing with the paper and stamps and doo-dads and seeing how you can really make photos come to life and tell a story when on the right layout.
How would you describe your scrapping style?

I would say, I'm a event driven scrapbooker. Sometimes I create a layout that is more about the "art" than it is about the event, but it's rare. I mostly do two page layouts. And I would say that they are typically pretty linear and classic. But I also like to not get caught up too much in trying to follow the "rules". Just like to have fun with it. Not be too serious!

And last but not least, here is Melissa's generous giveaway this week to you all, the Paperlife readers, be sure to comment and get in her drawing to win this super CTMH card kit valued at almost $40(wow!):

Thanks Melissa this was a wonderful spotlight and loved getting inside your paperlife! See ya Monday everybody with the winner! (and maybe even a peak at the halloween banner I'm working on).

Lovin my paperlife,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

This weeks Paperlife Spotlight is.........

Melissa Laverty Close to My Heart Director and inspiring scrapbooker!

Hey everybody, so excited to introduce you all to this lovely lady. Love her clean line style and real focus on her photos in her scrap art. While doing these Paperlife Spotlights one of my goals is to highlight scrapbookers and artist from all areas of the industry so we can all gain inspiration and expossure from them. So, I had to get someone special from The Close to My heart consultant based company, and Melissa was the perfect match for me. We live no where near each other, and met at common scrapbooking hangout on the web, but I love her style and had to have her to share with you, and like I said, her passion for her company and scrapbooking and her wonderful ability to pass it on is inspiring.

This is Melissa's PaperLife:

Hi PaperLifers, allow me introduce you to my "PaperLife!" I feel like I've been paper obsessed all my life. I remember just loving wandering around the art supply store in my hometown of Laurel, Maryland. I just loved the smells, the textures, and the limitless possibilities.
I've also always been a photographer. In fact, I won the Junior Friends of the National Zoo Photo Contest when I was in 3rd grade and my work was displayed at the zoo!
It's really a mystery why I didn't start getting into the art of scrapbooking until 2005. Sure, I put together photo albums, but I'd never scrapbooked. But after Cate was born, I was looking for a new hobby and I had all these fantastic pictures of her and her big brother Lawson. I also felt like I needed a way to capture the memories. So, I started scrapbooking. And I loved it. Spent hours on it. Created gorgeous albums. And then friends started asking me to show them how. At that time, I wasn't working and I was looking for some additional income. Then, one night, while scrapbooking at my LSS, I saw a Close to My Heart shopping bag.
As soon as I got home I Googled it, fell in love at first sight and on September 1, 2006, I became a Close to My Heart consultant.
Since then, I haven't looked back. In July, I became a Director with my company (sort of like making partner) and I have a team of almost 30 consultants all over the country. And in August 2009, I was awarded #9 Top Recruiter in the Company at our Leadership Conference. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the CTMH product line. I don’t scrapbook with anything else; I don’t need to. They are consistently up with the trends in the industry and with my AWESOME consultant discount, why wouldn’t I just buy from myself!
My favorite part of my job is introducing scrapbookers to Close to My Heart. There is nothing like the sparkle they get in their eye when they see that you really can create gorgeous scrapbook pages faster, simpler and easier.
For daily updates check out my fancyMelissa Blogpage.

Where do you get your inspiration -
Close to My Heart's gorgeous Idea Books, released 3x per year. Our how-to books, Cherish, Imagine, Reflections for Scrapbooking & Wishes & Originals for cards.The blogs of my fellow CTMH consultants like Karen Pedersen and Jamie Harder and Lisa Stenz and Sarita Schraeder

Melissa Scrapbook Resume:

-Companies Leader of the Let's Get Fancy Team of outstanding consultants

-Director for Close to My Heart - For more than 25 years, Close To My Heart has been offering beautiful, exclusive scrapbooking and stamping products for preserving and celebrating your precious memories. From beginner to expert, we have the perfect products for you. Discover our incredible line of My Reflections® scrapbooking kits, My Originals™ card kits, our exclusive My Acrylix® decorative stamps, as well as our huge selection of albums, papers, inks, and accessories for creating unforgettable layouts, cards, and fun projects to treasure and enjoy for a lifetime.

Some of my work:

Melissa, Why do you scrapbook?

So many diferent reasons...I started out doing it because I needed to preserve my memories. I have the worst memory for the little stories that happen everyday. I also wanted to have something to do with my pictures. I LOVE photography. In fact, my hope is that once both of the kids are in school full-time, I can spend a little more time on my photography skills. But really, it's the creative outlet. It's so satisfying and stress-relieving for me. I love playing with the paper and stamps and doo-dads and seeing how you can really make photos come to life and tell a story when on the right layout.

Melissa's Generous Giveaway for you:


The Close to My Heart Everyday Celebration Card Kit: value $39.95


1 - Learn more about fancyMelissa's Kit club here:
2 - Get Paid to Scrapbook! Become a Close to My Heart Consultant!
In August, get our Tickled Pink Kit (value $34.95) as a welcome gift (see attachment)
In September, all new consultants will also get the Everyday Celebration Card Kit (value $34.95) :
My Blog:

I am so excited to let you all in on my PaperLife come visit me anytime at my blog home and leave me a comment here or there or both (if you want to get entered twice) for my scrapbook giveaway from CTMH you will love it! Its packed full of scrappy goodness!


Thanks so much Melissa you have a beautiful PaperLife! Be sure to leave your comment and check back in a couple days for some more eye candy inspiration from Melissa, cant wait to read everybody's comments, and until then GO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL MESS OF YOUR PAPERLIFE!!!