Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jen From Label Tulip is back

That's right even more from this talented lady! These are just 3 fun questions I asked Jen to get to know her a little better read on and enjoy more of her Paperlife! The table story is priceless. Love it!

Jen where do you scrap and what would your dream studio look like?

I scrap on my dining room table that is over 150 years old! The table actually holds a lot of history and memories in itself, it's a really cool story! As a part of my family, the table once floated from our dining room to our family room in the 1970's during a terrible flood that we endured in Atlanta. To this day, you can still find Georgia Red Clay mud in the cracks and crevices of the table. Before I was lucky enough to possess the table, it was my grandmother's and her grandmother's as well going all the way back to the Jefferson's. My great great great (who knows how many greats!) grandfather was Joseph Jefferson, a famous stage actor of the 1800's. Joseph was a cousin of Thomas so I am distantly related to Thomas Jefferson and am extremely proud to be in Joseph's family, he was an amazing actor. The table was once owned by his children I believe. Needless to say, it's been all over and around! It is currently covered with my scrapping stuff.
My "dream studio", oh, yes! I do dream of one day having my own crafting room, but it won't be in this 3/2 house that we live in currently! I'd love a room all to myself with lots of shelves and table space that wrapped all the way around the room. That way I'd have instant access to all my die cut devices, paper trimmer, heating tools, etc...My room would have "stations"; the embossing/glitter station; die cut station; scrapping station; paint station; and definitely a dedicated computer so I could get more involved with digital scrapping!

So, who are the papercrafters that you love?

I'm not one that is a fan of certain paper artists, I tend to be an admirer of almost everything I see. I do love a few particular authors including Margot Potter (The Impatient Crafter) -- I love how she can do anything with paper! I also love Lain Ehman's work and used to listen to her Podcasts all the time (she recently started her own website, Ella Publishing) and have participated in her Layout A Day (LOAD) project that she facilitates twice a year. And I'm not just saying this, but I think our Design Team, the Tulip Girls, are extraordinary artists! Their designs are so inspiring and I can't wait to work with them, they are the greatest bunch of gals.

OK, Jen if you could only have 5 scrap products other that your trimmer and adhesive what would they be?

1. Flowers -- preferably Prima of course! I love flowers and use them on almost every page and project
2. Ink pad -- if I can only pick one color, I guess brown. I love to use the ink pads to distress my work, especially the edges of cards. Ink adds such a great layer of texture and mystery.
3. Basic Grey Patterned Paper -- they make the best, so if you could only hand me one sheet, I know no matter which sheet it was, I could do something with it! If I get a second choice, definitely Graphic 45.
4. Thickers -- who CAN'T live without these?!
5. Cutter Bee Scissors -- you know, the yellow ones? They are the best scissors I have used and are great for cutting out images from patterned paper.

What is the best papercrafting advice you could give to fellow scrappers?

Create from your heart and you'll always have a gorgeous and treasured final result. Even if it only means something to you, that's what is important.

and here is a sweet Mother's day card from Jen:

And look at this adorable birdhouse she the flowers on the roof:

Now BIG HINT coming here from Jen and Label Tulip, a little birdie told me it might be a REALLY good idea to subscribe to the Label Tulip newsletter...especially if you're interested in the Design Team! Act fast, as their newsletter is sent out at 6pm PST on 9/5 (tomorrow) also I heard a rumor that you can get an exclusive Paperlife sneak, sneak peak of the Label Tulip September kit here sometime today or tomorrow so make sure you check back for that golden nugget of exclusive information right here on The Paperlife!

Jen, thanks so much for sharing your paperlife with us and for following your dream so we can all benefit from your wonderful future Label Tulips kits. Your story is an inspiration for our hearts and your future with Label Tulip is inspiration for our creative souls.

Ok paperlifer's if you haven't already leave your comment for the entire September Label Tulip kit Jen designed. Its her debut kit don't miss it. You have until Sunday midnight CST and I will announce the lucky winner here on Monday! And remember we do this every week so come back for next weeks inspiring paperlifer and their awesome giveaway. Its a big one too!

Until Monday with the lucky winner, go hang out at Label Tulip and make a beautiful mess of your paperlife this weekend!




Kaytee said...

Love the table story! Cute card and bird house!! Can't wait for the sneak peeks!!

LRH said...

Loved hearing more about Jen. Can't wait to see the sneaks!!

Joli said...

What a fun story about your table!!
And how cool that you are related to Thomas Jefferson! I can't wait to see the rest of the kit!

Scrapfaire said...

Fab story...what an inspirational piece that table must be in it's self. Can't wait to watch your tulip bloom!!!

Joaniebolognie said...

I'm with ya about the 5 favorite scrappin products!

Rachel M said...

It was nice to hear your table story, what a lovely thing to own.