Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Always the last to know

Ok I really do live in my own little world but, just in case there is one more person out there like me who didn't know My Minds Eye has started their own blog as of June here:


This was the first scrap paper I ever bought from their wild asparagus collection and I have been a fan ever since!

They are sharing lots of sneak peaks if you look back a few posts for whats coming out at CHA-S. Cute stuff as usual lovin' the Halloween stuff. Can you believe that will be right around the corner? I was in Micheals over the weekend and they were already putting there stuff out for Halloween on the Fourth of July..................something wrong with that, I guess we just have a hard time enjoying where we are and looking on to the next thing even when it comes to retail!

Here's to enjoying where you are at go scrap something important to you right now and savor it!

Hugs Amy

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Amber said...


Wild Asparagus was my first MME line that I purchased, too. And, like you, I've been hooked since!

Amber Packer