Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finding my lost groove

HI every body hope your day is as bright and sunny as it is here. THe kids are excited TUcker is having a little friend over for the first time today so they are ready to play!

Well I have lost my creative groove the last couple days so, I did what I always do to find it I went into my studio and made myself put some layouts together. Below is the results just mediocre layouts but, that is ok I found the groove, albeit in the wee hours of the morning and I could barely keep my eyes open, but none the less she's back and the layout I started and couldn't finish because we were fresh out of toothpicks to hold my eyelids up is really cute. Can't wait to finish it, hopefully tonight and get it up here for you all!

Also finished my application to COcoa Daisy today and will be sending it off later on. Still trying to decide on what I want to present to them as far as projects but, that is an online thing so I do not have to have my final decisions until the 25th. They are only looking for 2 positions and there will be applicants from all over the world on this one so we shall see.

Have a fun day everyone and get out and enjoy the good old Summer time, I fear it will be gone oh to soon!

Hugs AMY

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