Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teresa Collins I love your friendship line!

How beautiful is this! Just love this new line out by Teresa she hit it out of the park. Also love that prima embellishment swirl so pretty. I made the flower out of more of the same paper line and like I said before I am into tulle right now. Didn't think I would get this edited beforeI left but I did so here ya go enjoy! Ok thats it I am outta here!
Oh wait one more thing this layouts story is so cute Jaycie always tells here daddy that he's her "best friend" I hope it always stays that way and given this is the friendship line it was perfect for this story!


Taylor said...

I love what you did!!!!!
Makes me smile.
thank you,
teresa collins

Lydia said...

Really beautiful layout love the houndstooth flower

Erin Bassett said...

What a sweet layout! Love those colors. :D