Sunday, August 16, 2009

And the 1st Paperlife Spotlight Winner is...........

.......... Melissa LaFavors!!!!!!

"Amy, what a great idea! I'll do what I can. Have you heard of Jessica Acs? She is an awesome maker of mini books. She wrote a book, and she has a blog. Really innovative and creative lady! I wonder if she would like to be spotlighted?I will definitely promote your blog on my own and on my scrappin' Yahoo group. I really like that you are doing something positive and not just taking these tough economic times lying down. : )Mel"
12 August, 2009 08:37

Please e-mail me Melissa at with your address and I will have your goody box and Mike's gift card out to you that day so you can go shopping with whatever coupon you have going from there right now!!!

Thank you all so much for making this idea of mine become a reality and more. Want to let you know I am getting requests for "blinkys" as a way for you to help me promote whats going on here(so grateful for that!) and I have one in the works. I also have a logo and an official site being designed at the web address so until that is up and running, which will be very very soon I am going to wait on the "blinky" so that it goes to the permanent home of this project! This is becoming so much fun and very exciting for me I want it to have a quality and reputable home for all of you to feel proud to be a part of! Will give you a hint the logo is going to somehow revolve around a tree....get it ? paper from trees and tree of life? Just such a positive symbol as well and that is what I want this to be all about! The positives that scrapbooking has brought to all of our lives!

Ok, now be sure to get in here tomorrow to see the talent I am spotlighting and the fabulous......oh so fabulous giveaway she is doing for you guys this week! I will give you one hint she is a fellow buddy of mine and if you know that place you know it is full of some awesome talent and she is one of the very best!

So till tomorrow, congratulations too Melissa and all of you, go out and make a beautiful mess of your paperlife!

Hugs, Amy ;)


haggadyandi said...

Congratulations Melissa!! Amy, What a fantastic idea!! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful works of art!

Crissy said...

Congrats Melissa and thank you for "introducing me" to Jessica Acs. Love her site. I have been checking out her tutorials, and multimedia projects.

kreativeimagination said...

Congrats Melissa! Thank you Amy for the superb giveaway!

Mel said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm so surprised and delighted, and I appreciate Amy so much for this endeavor. It's awesome that scrapbooking helps us to connect with each other in so many ways!

: )


Gma Pam said...

Jen, you are so generous! These kits are fabulous.