Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend inspiration from Melissa Laverty

Hi everybody this is Amy!
I have saved back some of Melissa's work for her to share with you and inspire you over the weekend! I just love how she is not only a page scrapper, in regards to her paperlife, but she also does fabulous paper project work! If you haven't tried something in your paperlife that isn't a page in an album go try it. Its a great way to get lost in, and to celebrate your art, that leaves lasting heirlooms for your loved ones! I am following my own advice this weekend and spending my "artsy" paperlife on a halloween banner! Love starting something with odds and ends collected from all over my studio and then having a piece of me in art in the end to share with others. OK so remember, same drill, get inspired by more of Melissa's Paperlife today, leave a comment here or on her blog (tons of inspiration there too) or both and get in twice for her fabulous giveaway shown at the bottom of this post! And if you missed Melissa's full spotlight on her paperlife go down a post and read all about this talented lady! The drawing will happen Sunday night at midnight cst. So until then, my paperlife friends, go this weekend and make a beautiful mess of your own Paperlife!
An interview with Melissa on her paperlife:
If you could only have 5 products besides your cardstock and adhesive what would they be?
Close to My Heart How-to Book to help me come up with fabulous layouts everytime!
Sand Paper
Desert Sand, Close to My Heart Exclusive Ink perfect for distressing
Comments, Close to My Heart MyAcrylix stamp set, so great for journaling lines
MY LEGACY WRITERS® BLACK PEN SET, love to write my own journaling and these pens are like butter
What would your dream scrap space look like?

tons of light, tall worktable, tons of those cute Ikea bookshelves to store all my stuff, and lots of shabby chic antique-y baskets and hangers and whatnot to put all my doo-dads in. Oh, and someone who cleans up after I'm done creating and puts everything back where it belongs cause I'm really bad about that!

Who or what do you scrapbook most?

My kids, Lawson (7) & Cate (4). In fact, I photograph them so much that the other day, my son bribed me. He was in no mood to have his picture taken. And I had found this perfect field of yellow flowers which would have made the best background to use with my new CTMH Grace paper. So he said, Mom, you can take 5 more shots if you let me have a popsickle when we get home! He's got my number!

Why do you scrapbook?

So many different reasons...I started out doing it because I needed to preserve my memories. I have the worst memory for the little stories that happen everyday. I also wanted to have something to do with my pictures. I LOVE photography. In fact, my hope is that once both of the kids are in school full-time, I can spend a little more time on my photography skills. But really, it's the creative outlet. It's so satisfying and stress-relieving for me. I love playing with the paper and stamps and doo-dads and seeing how you can really make photos come to life and tell a story when on the right layout.
How would you describe your scrapping style?

I would say, I'm a event driven scrapbooker. Sometimes I create a layout that is more about the "art" than it is about the event, but it's rare. I mostly do two page layouts. And I would say that they are typically pretty linear and classic. But I also like to not get caught up too much in trying to follow the "rules". Just like to have fun with it. Not be too serious!

And last but not least, here is Melissa's generous giveaway this week to you all, the Paperlife readers, be sure to comment and get in her drawing to win this super CTMH card kit valued at almost $40(wow!):

Thanks Melissa this was a wonderful spotlight and loved getting inside your paperlife! See ya Monday everybody with the winner! (and maybe even a peak at the halloween banner I'm working on).

Lovin my paperlife,



Kaytee said...

Wow! Melissa, you do beautiful work!! I am off to check out your blog right now!

Katrina said...

that little box is it!

Suz said...

Beautiful work Melissa. I really love that box

Laura Stewart said...

cute stuff

HeartToHandArts said...

How fun!!! said...

What a fun giveaway!! I like her blog too...I need all this scrappy inspiration because we are having our annual 'Scrapfest' next weekend and it's been a while, I'm so far behind! Thanks for the chance at this wonderful giveaway too.

Jamie :)

taranicole <"3 )~ said...

I love the box and the layouts! So inspired to spend my Sunday afternoon (before the summer is OVER for this educator!) delving into my paper, stamps, etc!

Jill Baldwin said...

I love the combo of flowers and dots and circles on the card at the top. Very creative and adorable!!

Charisma3103 said...

Gorgeous stuff I love it all thanks for chance to win

sheharper said...

Your work is beautiful!

Toby said...

I love that cube! I really need to do something like this...thanks for the inspiration!!