Thursday, August 6, 2009

And the Lucky Winners Are...............

So I put all the names in the big red popcorn bowl and....

Tucker Drew:

*******First Lady Jen**********


Jaycie Claire Drew:

********Renee @7:15**********

Huge congrats girls this is one awesome prize! Send Margie, Meg, and Brooke (the Aslett girls) your addys at:

And seriously if you didn't win this is such a great kit at such a great price go on over and get one for yourself anyway! If anyone asks just say Amy made you! And send them my way I'll take care of it. Christmas in August I say. LOL!!!!

So much fun hope to do more giveaways like this so follow my blog so you don't miss'em. girls your kits are rockin best of luck to you and luv ya lots!!!!!




FirstLady Jen said...

Thanks so much! I got the kit today!

Amy Coon said...

Hey Jen e-mail me some pics of what you do with it
and I will post them would love to see! So glad you got it already and congrats keep following me I have other giveaways up my sleeve!