Saturday, August 22, 2009

Announcing Sherri Twings Spotlight Winner

and the lucky scrapper and latte drinker is:

"the words that struck me the most were how you determined they were 'your scrapbooks & you needed to scrap them your way' I love that because too many times we think (or at least I do) that my stuff isn't good enough, but you know what it's mine & that shows through"
19 August, 2009 16:24 your comment I feel the same, as well. E-mail me your Addy and I will get it to the fantastic Sheri Twing and you will soon be scrappin the fall away with new Teresa Collins and a yummy Java!!!!

Ok the new spotlight goes up tomorrow can't wait for you all to meet this lady she has made her love of scrapbooking her successful business and she is soooo talented to boot!

I am working on some big FUN changes here with the site so get ready for our new home which will launch some time this month! I can not wait to share all the spotlight guests and ideas we have planned here for you! Get excited and as always go make a beautiful mess of your PaperLife today!!!

Hugs, Amy


Kim Strother said...

Hi Amy just checking in. Looks like things are gong great. Congrats to Andipandi on the giveaway. Great prize! Can't wait to see who's tomorrow guest. Hey a thought just came to me...maybe you could have people guess who you will spotlight. But up a little hint over the weekend and we can guess. It might generate even more traffic for this!! What do you think??? I have a guess for tomorrow...but in case you don't want it shown I won't say! I'll be back tomorrow-Kim

Amy Coon said...

thats a great idea feel free to post a guess! I will work on fun hints for the next guest!

Kim Strother said...

Okay Amy I will take a guess. Since you said she has turned this into her business, my guess is Sudie and unkit????? I'll be back tomorrow to see if I am right!