Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Paper Life Announcement

To My PaperLife Friends:

OK I had so much fun and success spotlighting kit club last week and doing a great giveaway for you guys, and given the turn in the economy and the loss of some well loved magazines, I have decided to use my blog as a vehicle to spotlight more of the talent out there in this industry.

The idea is to spotlight someone or something scrappy each week (or as I have them available) to get great people some expossure since alot of our avenues are dying. The only cost to the person, kit club, manufacturer, website, etc, being spotlighted for the week will be a great giveaway to you guys the readers. I hope to do this each Tuesday and draw the winner each Sunday posting them on Monday. I am excited and have so many great peeps with awesome giveaways on board already. I am going to kick this off myself by spotlighting the Paper Life blog this week and giving you all a chance at a fab! fab! Fab! giveaway!!! So check in here Tuesday to see what that is!

Also, if you are feeling generous and would like to get yourself in on this spotlighting just e-mail me with a good date for you, what you want spotlighted, and your planned giveaway. I will then confirm a date with you and send you the information I need to do the post.

I am excited about this. Hope to put a little fun and excitement in everyones lives each week and promote this hobby and all the talented peeps out there that are so near and dear to my heart! And please this is a grassroots sort of thing so spread the word to all your friends so they can get in on it too! Maybe we can turn this into a one stop spot for talent, inspiration, and great giveaways!

Luv Ya All,



Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

This is a great idea Amy! Thanks fo much for doing it! So exciting. I'm checking back on Tuesday for sure!

Suz said...

Great idea Amy I'm excited to see who's in the spotlight each week. There's a lot of talent out there

Amy Coon said...

I agree Suz but how bout you what week would be good for your talented self????? interested?

Crissy said...

Great job Amy! This idea is a win for everybody. Can't wait to see all the talent.

Sudie said...

How cool! Love this idea, Amy!